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Moved out: Special Edition

Moved out of West Covina and I’ve been living at my new place for 2 weeks now. I seriously miss my West Covina home!!!!!!! People ask me, “where do you live or where are you from?” And it is my automatic response to say, “West Covina,” but it’s not true anymore. I lived at West Co for 8 years. I remember when my family and I moved in there when I was in 6th grade. I remember the fresh new environment, how spacious the house was, how exciting it was to finally have my own room, the amazing garage/back house we had, and the convenience of having family right across the street. Waaaaah, I took for granted living there. 8 years is not that long compared to people living in the same house they have lived in ever since they were born. My family and I moved a lot. I’ve moved 6 times in my life, especially around Pasadena. I miss Pasadena too, only because it is where I experienced many memorable childhood memories. 

The process of moving out was extremely stressful and made me worry and become anxious a lot. The most stressful part for me was finding a new place and hoping to get approved, while balancing schoolwork. School has been a tad bit difficult now because of the Kines classes I take, especially Anatomy & Physiology. -______- I broke down 2 times due to the OVERWHELMING STRESS and not venting my loved ones . I don’t like to show vulnerability to others, especially when I perceive myself as a happy, strong, and optimistic person. Every night, I prayed to ask God to provide me strength, patience, and to believe in HIs plan for me. 

The past two weekends, I’ve been going back and forth hundreds of times to get all the shit at my West Co home. Sunday was officially the last day. I am sincerely going to miss a lot of things there such as: the friendly neighborhood, having family right across the street, the feeling of security and comfortability, living close to the West Co mall, waving to Tatang every time I see him outside, my blue room, Lolo living with us, the randomass bunnies, and of course the wonderful experiences and memories I created there. Teeheeeeeeeee. 

MY NEW PLACE: I like it. It just requires time and for me to get used to it. I cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed it like crazy because I have issues with bathrooms. -____- Scrubbed the toilet and shower like there was no tomorrow aha. You never know of the ASS GERMS AND BACTERIA A TOILET MAY CONTAIN. Oh, and I finally have a TV in my room after 2 years!! So now I can watch my Laker games peacefully without getting kicked out of my sister’s room. Yeee! My room is somewhat set up, I need to buy a bed frame though. The house in general still has a lot of boxes and things to be put away. The cons of living here though are: No overnight parking and the cats!!!!! Fuck. There’s 3 cats that come by and they are sooooooo disgusting. If you really knew me, you know I extremely haaaate cats soooooooo much and is my #1 fear. FELINEPHOBIA. They’re stray cats and I get scared to leave my house because I’m afraid they’re going to randomly pop out or attack me. I want to shoot them with my BB gun, but I think that would be considered animal cruelty. 

However once this place is fully furnished, neat, organized, and unboxed, I can’t wait to show people! :D Moral of the lesson of my experience is to seize each moment and to believe in God’s plan and struggle. And trust me, I have learned a looooot.

Come visit me! (If you are willing to drive 28 miles- jk or am I). I love you and I want to become Youtube famous. Future guru EL OH EL. And now, I must take a peaceful king shit <3  Kbaiandthanksforreading.

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